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Asset Management / Recovery

FlexTech Solutions understands the cost analysis needed to ensure our customers maximize the financial return of their supply chain. Working closely with our customers, FlexTech uses industry leading analytics to access your inventory and it's value.

  • Life Cycle Management and End of Life product evaluation
  • Value added services to maximize return
  • As-Is re-marketing and liquidation
  • Parts Harvesting / Testing
  • Recycling or Environmentally friendly destruction and disposal
  • Maximizing value of excess & obsolete assets such as packaged accessories, batteries, smart watches, high value Bluetooth headsets, tablets and portable speakers.
  • Our multi channel strategy increases average asset values
  • Support conservation through recycling used cellular devices.

Reverse Logistics / Returns Management

FlexTech offers Solutions to the product moving backwards, so you can keep your business moving forward. We have solutions that consolidate all or portions of your returns in a quick and efficient manner, ensuring you stay focused on your core business and customer experience. We use our proprietary software that has been customized for the electronics industry to provide you with "real time" receipts and analysis data so we can help you make decisions that maximize your return on investment.

Product Disposition / Intelligent Routing

FlexTech's uniquely designed shop floor system gives our customers the ability to make decisions quickly. As we face an ever changing market place, quick disposition and routing of return product ensures our customers receive the maximum value of their assets. We offer the ability to process your product through our "total solution" services or distribute your product to 3PL vendors.

  • Product Sorting - Desirable / Non-Desirable
  • Software Configuration
  • Triage Solutions - No Trouble Found / Component Level Fault Disposition

Repair Services / Refurbishing Services

Board or Component Repair to Cosmetic Refurbishing, our services are customized to maximize your supply chain demands. FlexTech technicians have been trained by the largest electronic manufacturers in the industry. We have state-of- the-art equipment to handle all levels of repair and utilize a global channel of materials procurement with your cost and quality specification leading the way.

  • Board Level Repair
  • Component Replacement and Repair
  • Cosmetic Refurbishing
  • Strict customer quality adherence

Distribution / Fulfillment

Our uniquely designed system can manage micro and macro-fulfillment needs. Whether your organization needs to send a single phone or 10,000 phones, rest assured that our knowledgeable team of experts will take care of your fulfillment needs and your order will arrive on time!


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  • Flexible Solutions, that are based on 15 years of quality processes and industry knowledge of reverse logistics and repair. Contact us today, and we will create a solution that "fits" your needs.

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