Developing solutions that fit your needs

With over decades of industry experience, Flextech Solutions can be your single source for reverse/forward logistics, liquidation, recycling and returns management.

Solutions that fit

Providing decades of industry experience, FlexTech Solutions can provide long term program management or project based solutions.

We offer a diversified portfolio of services that are customized to your individual needs.

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Value Added Services

  • Refurbishment
  • Flash Services
  • Warranty/OEM Management
  • Sort & Grade/Disposition
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Forward/Reverse Logistics

  • Product Fulfillment
  • D2C & B2B Shipments
  • Superior Freight Services
  • Returns Management
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Asset Recovery & Recycling

  • Package Recovery & Rebox
  • Product Disposition
  • Value Added Services
  • Increased Resell Value
  • Global Liquidation
  • Responsible Recycling
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Global Sales Channels

  • Ecommerce
  • ReCommerce
  • Liquidation
  • Global Auction Platform
  • Customers in Multiple Countries


Serialized Warehouse Asset Tracking

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SWAT uses data to make critical business decisions that generate a lower cost & a higher recovery value.

Our serialized tracking systemSerialized end to end product tracebility & control